What's That Funky Smell? How to Get Your Car Smelling Fresh Again

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Are you dealing with a stubborn odor in your car? If a typical cleaning and a spritz of freshener doesn’t seem to get rid of the smell, you could be dealing with an underlying issue that’s causing the odor. You may need to add some extra steps to your cleaning routine or change out a dirty filter in order to get your car smelling fresh again.

Do Some Deep-Cleaning

Many of us spend a lot of time in our cars and because of that, we often eat, drink beverages, smoke and do a host of other things in the car that could get pretty messy and smelly if we’re not careful. It could deteriorate your car’s look and value, so it’s important to do a deep-cleaning periodically and try to avoid doing things in the car besides driving. A lot of stink accumulates in a car, and regular interior detailing can also help preserve the value of your car as well as make your driving experience more pleasant. To deep clean your car, definitely shampoo the carpets and upholstery after vacuuming to get any stuck-on dirt, dried up food and drinks, or cigarette odor removed.

Replace the Cabin Air Filter

Poor odor in your car could be the result of a dirty cabin air filter. Dirty filters reduce airflow in your car making it harder for odors to disperse. A very contaminated filter will trap less particles which means that these particles end up inside your car when you turn the AC on. Not only does it have a really unpleasant, musty smell, but this can trigger either your allergies or allergies of your passengers. If your AC doesn’t seem to be pushing out cold air or you smell a foul odor when your turn your AC on, those are signs that you need to change the cabin air filter.

Install an Air Freshener

Car air fresheners can be very effective in making your car smell amazing, but they only serve as a band-aid if your car has an underlying odor problem. In the same way hair conditioner works best on clean hair, air fresheners work best in clean cars. Once any sources of odors are eliminated, air fresheners can truly work their magic and provide great-smelling air instead of the sickening smell of magnolias and rotten garbage. The best part is, there are so many inexpensive car air fresheners that last for several weeks.

All of these steps should be fairly inexpensive and only take a few hours to do. You can get with a car detailing specialist or possibly complete these tasks yourself with a little research. Schedule a day this weekend to get your car odor problem taken care of so you can finally ride in shame-free, fresh-aired bliss again.

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