How to Make Your Tires Last as Long as Possible

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If your car's tires aren't in good condition, there is an increased chance that you will get into an accident. Your vehicle is also likely to experience decreased gas mileage as well as additional wear. Therefore, it is important to take steps to ensure that the wheels are maintained on a regular basis.

Monitor Pressure

You should be able to find out what the proper pressure is for a tire by reading the owner’s manual. It may also be located right on the tire itself. If it is not properly inflated, you could be liable for repairing the wheel and other damage caused in a blowout or accident. Most vehicles have tire pressure monitors that will alert you if something is wrong.

Rotate Tires

Rotating your vehicle's tires each time that you get an oil change allows them to wear evenly. If you don't rotate them, the front tires will wear differently than the back ones because of how weight is distributed on a vehicle. This could result in having to replace or repair tires more often than necessary, and your insurance policy is unlikely to cover the cost of tire maintenance.

Get a Wheel Alignment

Wheels could be pulled out of alignment after running over a pothole, running over a curb or for a variety of other reasons. By putting the tires back in alignment, you will notice a smoother ride while ensuring the secondary problems don't develop. According to Testing Autos, you should realign every two-three years. In some cases, failing to get a regular wheel alignment could jeopardize or void your car's warranty.

Replace Your Tires on Time

Tires can last anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 miles on average. As tires age, they tend to lose their tread, which means that they aren't able to make a solid connection with the road. Over time, you may notice that your stopping distance has increased or that the car pulls to one side or the other. These are generally a sign that it's time to get new tires. According to Halperin Law Center, if a defect in the tire causes a blowout, the manufacturer could be held liable.


It is a good idea to inspect your vehicle's tires prior to getting into the car in the morning. If you notice any damage, have them inspected by a service professional at your earliest convenience. This could prevent a blowout or other problems that could cost time and money to repair.

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