Car Accident? 3 Things You Need to Get Your Car Road-Worthy Again

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After a car is involved in an accident, it will have cosmetic damage, mechanical damage, or a combination of both problems. In order to get a car road-worthy again, you'll need to follow three steps.

Professional or DIY Project?

According to BA Auto Care, “if you let a professional tackle the repairs, you'll get optimum results because certified mechanics fully understand how to fix a damaged vehicle.” Seasoned technicians never cut corners in order to complete a job. Instead, they run thorough tests to figure out the best possible way to resolve problems. Because every shop has different policies and procedures, the total cost of a typical repair job will vary. For example, a bumper repair job costs around $400 to $500, paint repairs are $300 to $1,000, and cracked windshield services are $100 to $400.

A DIY project should only be considered if you have some automotive knowledge. You'll need to understand the scope of a job as one mistake could waste your time and money. Typically, most people set up DIY projects for dings and dents since these are simple jobs, and the equipment costs are low. Fixing the look of your car is of utmost importance. In most cases, an automobile owner can remove a minor dent using a dent removal tool that costs around $40.


According to The Law Offices of Lane & Lane, “depending on if you are responsible for the accident, or what percentage you are determined to be at fault for, you might be entitled to compensation.” To get the maximum amount of money for the most expensive repairs, you may want to hire a lawyer that specializes in vehicle damage. A lawyer will fight for you in order to acquire the highest compensation for the repairs.

If the accident wasn't your fault, you could get money for your medical costs and vehicle repairs by taking the other driver to court. For this task, you'll need a seasoned lawyer who has won multiple cases because the experience will increase your chances of possibly getting a great settlement.

Take a Short Trip

After your car is fixed, test it by taking short trips around the neighborhood each day for about a week. During each session, observe the vehicle's performance, handling, and brake power. If you detect any problems, take the car back to the shop so that the crew can make adjustments to resolve the issues. According to Liberty Mutual, “If you're disappointed with your service or its price but don't suspect fraud, your best bet is simply to talk directly to your mechanic. If it's a larger shop, you can also take your complaints to management.” When all lingering problems are resolved, you can confidently drive the vehicle to a neighboring city or state.

A road-worthy car must be tested constantly following a collision. You can fix a car by working with a crew or alone on your driveway. If you want the best results, pursue DIY projects during simple jobs and professional services when a car has severe damage.

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