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Wax Enhancer Express Shine

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Hi Tech Industries

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Hi Tech Wax Enhancer is a Quick Shine Detailing Spray

Anytime you want to remove smudges, fingerprints, or dust, pick up an aerosol can of our Wax Enhancer and in minutes your car will sparkle with a deep rich shine. Keep an extra can in your car for quick touch-ups anytime, anywhere.

It extends the life of your paint sealant, polish, or wax.

Use Wax Enhancer between waxes or polishes. Your beautiful wax finish that was both laborious and time-consuming to obtain will last longer saving you both time and money. It is safe for all finishes.

Vehicles with deep, glossy paint finishes sell faster and for more money!


Hi-Tech Wax Enhancer Express Spray

Keep vehicles looking their best in a flash. The perfect choice for New and Used Car Dealers, Car Show Enthusiasts, Detail Shops, and all Individuals who take pride in their autos or show cars.


Fantastic Detailing Spray for a Quick Showroom Shine

You do not have to exhaust yourself with tedious labor to impress your customers, friends, or other car enthusiasts. It is a simple matter of spray, wipe, go and you will have the just-waxed look that you love. Do not tell everyone that the great shine only took a few minutes, just let them admire it!


Excellent Clay Bar Lubricant

Spray on, use the clay bar as directed by the manufacturer and wipe off the residue with a microfiber cloth. Works great!


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