Cyclo Break Away Penetrating Oil (6 Pack)

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Cyclo BreakAway is a heavy duty penetrant and penetrating lubricant used by professional mechanics and DIYers for disassembling rusted and corroded nuts, bolts, joints and machinery. Break Away provides extended lubrication and is also great for eliminating squeaks and lubricating things like guns, sports equipment, tools, hinges and many many more. Break Away's unique foaming action works instantly & covers more area to provide extended lubrication & the fastest penetration. Does NOT contain silicone - safe for body shop use. When everything else fails, trust Break Away, the BEST at loosening the toughest jobs!

Since 1959, Cyclo has offered a complete line of professionally formulated, time-tested cleaners, lubricants, and additives. Our products are designed for the complete maintenance and enhanced performance of cars, trucks, heavy-duty equipment, marine, and industrial applications.

  • Penetrant & super lubricant
  • Breaks loose rusted joints & bolts
  • Added lubrication controls rust, corrosion & squeaks
  • NSF H2 Certified
  • VOC compliant for all 50 states


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