Wool Buffing Pad Cleaning Tool

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Rejuvenate your wool buffing pad in seconds with the world’s greatest Wool Buffing Pad Cleaning Tool brought to you by Discount Car Care Products.

Invariably, as you are buffing your vehicle, the wool pad stops working effectively as it becomes caked with polish, glazes, or compound. You are forced to stop buffing to change the wool pad. This is the most time consuming and expensive way to obtain maximum cutting power throughout your detail job.

How can you restore the wool pad’s cutting power without stopping your detail job? Use Discount Car Care Product’s Wool Buffing Pad Cleaning Tool.

It is simple to use. Run your polisher at a low moderate speed and move the Wool Pad Buffing Cleaning Tool across the pad on the side that is spinning away from you. The polish, compound, or glaze disappears from the pad and the effectiveness and cutting power of the wool fibers are restored in a matter of seconds enabling you to finish your work with barely an interruption.

This Wool Pad Buffing Cleaning Spur has a padded handle that is angled for comfort and 3 metal spurring wheels that clean and restore the wool pad fibers cutting power quickly, effectively, and efficiently. You save detailing time spent per auto. You save money by reusing your wool pads many times instead of buying new ones. The final result using our Wool Buffing Pad Cleaning Tool with a good polish is a consistent beautiful polished auto finish that will make you and your customer happy.

The Discount Car Care Product Wool Pad Buffing Cleaning Tool provides consistent results, saves you time and money. Quantity discounts available.

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