The Claw Detailer's Rechargeable LED Light, Under Hood Work Light

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 The Claw Detailer's Lamp, Under Hood Work Light
Solve Low-Light Problems with the Under Hood Work Light

The Perfect Light Solution for Auto Mechanics, Detailers, and Photographers

Need more light in those low-light places under the hood or inside the vehicle where detail precision work is vital? Our LED Rechargeable Work Light solves the problem by providing the best possible lighting angles. The light bar extends from 48” to 77” ensuring adequate coverage exactly where you need it.

Mechanic Light: do you want the entire engine compartment brightly illuminated? That’s an impossible task with the old standard hanging bulb with its dangling power cord, non-adjustable fluorescent lights, or other short light bars. The gloom under the hood will be history with our Best LED Work Light.

Detailer Light: Light up the whole car interior for detailing those hard to see stains, dirt and grime or use it under the hood for engine degreasing. Your customers will be ecstatic with your quality and thorough detail work!


Photographer LED Light Bar: Even though, it was originally designed with the mechanic or auto detailer in mind, it works nicely to provide constant illumination while composing your shot, as opposed to the standard flashgun which only provides a short burst of bright light.

Best LED Work Light is Adjustable & Attaches to a Variety of Surfaces

It is housed in an adjustable cradle that extends from 48” to 77” and, after hanging, can be rotated 360 degrees allowing the LED Light to shine in the optimum position for detail work on the vehicle interior or under the hood.

Hanging it out of your way is straightforward and easy. Use the recessed fold-away adjustable hooks for trouble-free placement under the hood, the spring-loaded grippers make hanging the light bar across a vehicle interior simple, or attach it to any flat metal surface with the magnets located within the 2 handles at each end of the light bar.

Due to its versatility, you can position the light exactly where it’s needed and hang it up out of your way without a dangling power cord.

Cordless LED Rechargeable Work Light

Put an end to dragging a power cord around because this Hood Light will operate up to 6 hours cordless. It is rechargeable with a high performance rechargeable battery that has no recharge memory effect.

LED lighting is more efficient and longer lasting than ordinary light bulbs.

The on/off switch has a full power or half power setting. On full power, you will have a bright 900 lumens.

Shadows will be reduced and the entire under the hood area or car interior will be bright enough with the luminous LED Lights to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

As an added bonus, you can remove the LED Light from its cradle making it an awesome tool to closely inspect painted surfaces for scratches or paint imperfections.

It is light weight, approximately 5 pounds, making it easy to move from one position to another.

This is the most versatile and easiest to use Under Hood Work Light on the market today, a good value for the sales price. We offer quantity discounts and fast shipping.

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