Quick Shot Body Shop Safe Vinyl and Plastic Coating

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Quick Shot Body Shop Safe Vinyl and Plastic Dressing

Quick Shot brightens vinyl and plastic trim on your vehicle and works especially well for those hard to reach areas like door pockets, AC vents, plastic dashboard trim, trunk weather seals, etc.

Quick Shot Body Shop Safe Vinyl and Plastic Coating contains no silicones, yet produces a mirror-like shine that lasts a long time. After spraying the surface, it does not have to be wiped down, just spray a light mist and go.

What does body shop safe mean?

Silicone interferes with the painting process in body shops. Body Shop Safe means there are no silicones or other ingredients that will interfere in the application of paint on an automotive or other surface to be painted. Silicone is a polymer that is used in many vinyl and plastic dressings and waxes in the automotive industry due to its high shine capability. But, in the body shop, the silicone polymers will adhere to the surface to be painted and cause fisheyes as the paint is sprayed. This is a similar reaction like spraying water on oil. In the aerosol form, the polymers can travel in the air throughout the building. It is absolutely essential for body shops and other similar facilities to use vinyl and plastic trim dressings that are silicone free.

How to Use Quick Shot Body Shop Safe Vinyl and Plastic Coating

1. Read cautions on the label

2. Clean any dirt, grease, grime off the surface

3. Shake well and spray a light coat on the surface – wiping is not necessary – just spray and go!

Net weight: 11.5oz - VOC Compliant

Ground Ship Only. Federal Regulations prohibit aerosol products from being shipped by air.

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