Ozium Spray 0.8 oz (Choose Scent)

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Ozium Spray 0.8 oz

  • MULTI-USE ODOR ELIMINATING AIR SANITIZER: OZIUM eliminates stubborn odors from smoke and tackles other offensive everyday smells found in bathrooms, musty closets, cars, kitchens, trash cans, offices, sweaty shoes and more.
  • CLEANS THE AIR YOU BREATHE: OZIUM sanitizes and deodorizes the air, temporarily reducing bacteria and germs that cause unpleasant odors, leaving the air smelling fresh.
  • TRUSTED & VALIDATED: Trusted for over 50 years, OZIUM was originally developed to combat airborne bacteria and germs in hospitals and is clinically-proven to eliminate unpleasant odors, not just mask them.
  • MORE THAN JUST AN AIR FRESHENER: OZIUM air sanitizing spray isn’t your typical home or car air freshener, it makes smells disappear by reducing odor-causing bacteria and germs.
  • EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE: Just a short spray cleans the air with a light burst of fragrance that disappears with the odor; there’s no overwhelming or overpowering fragrance that you get with other air fresheners.

Original Scent

Item Number: OZ-1

UPC Code: 812421030531

That New Car Smell

Item Number: OZ-22

UPC Code: 812421030555

Outdoor Essence

Item Number: OZ-31

UPC Code: 812421030579


Item Number: OZ-23

UPC Code: 812421030562


Item Number: OZ-62

UPC Code: 812421030586

Country Fresh

Item Number: OZ-15

UPC Code: 812421030548

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