Motor Medic Synthetic Motor Flush MFD1

Motor Medic Synthetic Motor Flush MFD1

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Motor Medic Synthetic Motor Flush

  • 5 Minute Application
  • Immediate Results
  • Enhanced Cleaning Performance
  • Benefits Diesel & Turbocharged Engines
  • Powerful Cleaning Action
  • Anti-wear Additives
  • For All Engines
  • Higher Lubricity
  • Improves oil circulation
  • No damage to seals
  • No bearing wear
  • Cleans engine in 5 minutes
  • Recommended before each oil change
  • Helps remove engine deposits


Gas and diesel engines, including turbo-charged engines.


Motor Medic Synthetic Motor Flush cleans engine in 5 minutes.

DIRECTIONS: Use before each oil change.

  1. Check to make certain oil in crankcase is up to safe level.
  2. Add to a cold engine before changing oil and filter. Use entire bottle. Idle engine at normal speed for 5 minutes. DO NOT DRIVE VEHICLE.
  3. Drain crankcase and remove oil filter. Replace drain plug and install new oil filter. NOTE: On engines with high mileage (i.e. 50,000+) or excessive deposits, remove and clean the oil pan and oil screen.
  4. Refill crankcase with new oil.

NOTE: Extremely dirty engines require a repeat of directions 1-4.

Manufacturer: NiTEO Products

Brand: Solder Seal, Gunk, Radiator Specialty, Motor Medic

Part Number: MFD1

Size: 32 fluid ounces

UPC: 810006220759

Package Qty: 1

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