Hi-Tech Industries TB-10 10" Green Car & Wash Brush-Wash Brushes-Hi Tech Industries-TB-10

Hi-Tech Industries TB-10 10" Green Car & Wash Brush

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Hi Tech Industries

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Hi-Tech Industries TB-10 10" Green Car & Wash Brush

Flow-Thru 10" Soft Flagged Tip Nylon Bristle Car or Truck Wash Brush with Protective Bumper

2.5 in. super soft flagged tip nylon bristles are resistant to acids and detergents. Staple-set in a 10 in. foam block with a protective bumper to protect vehicle finish. Use with any standard screw handle.

  1. Super soft Flagged Tip Nylon Bristles: ensures your vehicle remains scratch and swirl free after every wash. Safe on almost any surface.
  2. Chemical Resistant Bristles: long-lasting through repeated use with your favorite soaps and cleaning chemicals.
  3. Rubber Bumper: circles the entire brush body providing assurance that your paint finish will not be scratched from accidentally bumping the surface with the brush body.
  4. Dense Bristles: dense 2.5 inch bristles carry anabundance of soap and water to the surface. Quickly washes away all the dirt and grime.
  5. 10 Inch Width: covers a large area with one swipe - get the job done fast!
  6. Versatile with 3 handle choices: Regular handle, extension handle or a Flow-Through Handle (sold separately)
  7. The Reason a Flow-Though Handle Hole is Important

When this brush is used with a Flow-Through Handle, the water flows from your water hose through the brush. You are constantly introducing water to your vehicle surface. This helps to prevent scratching your vehicle while making the cleaning process faster. Also, constant flushing with water aids in the prevention of water spots. (Handle Sold Separately)

  1. Durable: tough and lightweight structural foam plastic body. Will not warp, crack, bend or break.

All the dirt, soap, and dirty wash water is washed away!

Fast and Efficient - Saving You Time and Money!

Not all wash brushes are created equal, so don’t be fooled by the brushes found at your local home improvement store or the cheap China Brushes. Those brushes are better suited for cleaning floors, and definitely not the scratch-sensitive finish found on your Car, Truck, Van, SUV, RV, or Boat. Our brush features ultra-soft chemical resistant bristles.  This ensures your Vehicle remains swirl and scratch free after every wash.

Threaded Handle Hole: Flow-through Fountain Block fits on a standard acme threaded handle (not included).

Overall Length: 10.00"

Bristle Length: 2.50"

Bristle Type: Green Densely-Filled Flagged Tip Nylon - Long-wearing, resistant to mildew, rot, alkalis, and most solvents, and heat. Is softer and  used for vehicle wash brushes.

Manufacturer: Hi Tech Industries

Part Number: TB-10

UPC Code: 650753221001

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