Hi-Tech Vinyl, Plastic, Leather and Carpet Dye, Available in 39 Colors

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Auto Detailers Use our Car Carpet Dye as an Add-On Service

Take home more money. Cover up flaws resulting from stains and faded spots while restoring the new look to an auto interior when you use our Automotive Carpet Dye from Hi Tech Industries. Use it on all leather, vinyl and plastic, too.

Car Dye Spray

It’s fast, effective, and easy to use providing a low-cost way to increase your detailing revenue. Many of your customers will be delighted to have stains and faded areas in their car interior removed. Your car & truck dealers can sell their vehicles for top dollar making you their first choice for all their auto detailing needs.

Whether you cover up ugly spots or change the color, every time your customer gets into their vehicle, they’ll think, “Wow, this looks great” and your repeat business will keep increasing!

Aerosol Carpet Dye Covers Up Stains or Changes Interior Color

Eliminate coffee, kool-aid, or other stubborn stains that cleaning chemicals will not touch, or cover up bleached out areas that resulted from scrubbing too much while trying to remove those stains, or even faded spots from too much sunlight. Hi-Tech automotive carpet dye will cover those stains or bleached out areas, not only on the carpet and floor mats, but all interior vinyl and plastic trim and moldings.

Completely change the color of a car or truck’s carpet, vinyl or plastic trim with our automotive carpet dye. (It’s easy to go to a darker color, but not a lighter one)

This Product is a True Dye, Not a Car Carpet Paint.

Don’t use paint. Eventually, it results in hard carpet, and the vinyl and plastic will peel, crack, and split. But, using our automotive interior paint: The carpet will be soft. The vinyl will be flexible. The plastic trim will be rejuvenated. All this without cracking, peeling, or splitting and it does not rub off with repeated use.

Hi Tech Vinyl, Plastic and Carpet Dye is the Professional’s 1st Choice for Auto Carpet Dye on the Market Today.

It works fast. It is inexpensive. It is effective. It restores the new look to your vehicle interior. Color matching to the original O.E.M. standards has been formulated with exceptional computer precision. There are 41 colors available providing an easy match, without worries, for the vehicle colors.

How to Dye Car Leather, Carpet, or Plastic, Leather or Vinyl Trim

If you are not a professional detailer, you can still have professional looking results in minutes. The Hi-Tech aerosol leather dye is easy to use.

The unique tip is designed to take the work out of blending the new color with the existing color or changing the color completely. You will have superior results with the “snorkel type” nozzle. It provides an adjustable fan pattern spray for accurate coverage that diminishes the possibility of over spraying .

Conveniently, the caps are color coded to match the dye color.


1. Vacuum and clean the carpet, vinyl, or plastic to be dyed, removing the stains as much as possible

2. Make the carpet fibers stand up by brushing the carpet

3. Protect any areas that you do not want dyed

4. Spray area using light even passes

5. Apply a second coat, if you desire more coverage.

You Will be Amazed at the Quality New Look on your Vinyl, Plastic and Carpet!

Net weight 11.25 oz. California / OTC VOC Compliant.

Important Note: The color swatches are approximate. It is impossible to accurately display dye colors on computer monitors and web browsers. Ships by Ground Method Only. Federal Regulations Prohibit Aerosol Products From Shipping by Air.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. To see the complete Proposition 65 warning with chemical names, please refer to product SDS at www.myniteo.com or contact ehs@niteoproducts.com.

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