DEMA 3-Stage Proportioner 681GAP.3

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DEMA 3-Stage Proportioner 681GAP-3

The Dema 681GAP.3 triple blend center has a flow rate of 4 GPM and contains a full blending assembly, housing, metering tip kit, and accessories! It's great for use at sink stations and with a variety of chemicals that need to be mixed with water. The water inlet is compatible with female garden hose fittings and also 3/8" NPT pipes. Simply interchange the pipe plug and female hose fitting to change the side that the water is supplied on.

Please see the attached specification sheet for installation diagrams and specific viscosity injection rates. A minimum pressure of 20 PSI is required. This blend center has green, blue, and red buttons for easy identification when paired with other blend center units.

  • Maximum flow: 4 GPM
  • Minimum pressure required: 20 PSI
  • Maximum pressure: 125 PSI
  • Maximum water temperature: 150° F
  • Action gap prevents backflow
  • Red, blue, and green buttons
  • Modular; combine with other units in series
  • Full blend center assembly
  • Durable stainless steel housing
  • Mounting hardware, tip kit, vinyl tubing, weights, label cards and foot valves included
  • Dema item #681GAP.3
  • Also known as #681GAP-3

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