Cyclo Z Lube C305 - 10 oz Aerosol

SKU C305

Cyclo Z Lube Multi-Purpose Lubricant

For Every Job A to Z!



  • 4X faster penetration than the competition
  • Displaces moisture & stops squeaks
  • Great for cleaning surfaces of grease, tar, marker, adhesives & more

Automotive, heavy duty, industrial machinery, tools and hardware, farm and garden equipment, marine and fishing equipment, countless household uses.

Cyclo Z Lube Multi-Purpose Lubricant stops squeaks and squeals, displacing moisture, reducing friction, loosening rusted parts, protecting against rust and corrosion, cleaning most surfaces of grease, tar, crayon, marker, adhesives and more!


1. Shake well before use.

2. As a lubricant, penetrant, or water displacer: Saturate surfaces and let soak for several minutes. As a cleaner: Spray soiled area and allow to soak for several minutes before wiping clean. DO NOT spray on running or hot engines.

Cyclo Z Lube C305 SDS