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Cyclo Liquishield Waterproof Lubricant C320 - 10 oz Aerosol

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Cyclo Liquishield Waterproof Lubricant - 10 oz Aerosol

10x Longer Lasting Lubrication

  • The best prevention against rust and corrosion
  • 10x Longer lasting
  • Waterproof wax lubricant and protectant
  • Penetrates as a lubricant dries as a waxy protective film
  • Non harmful to paint, plastic, metal, wood, rubber, and electronics
  • 100% Waterproof formula

Cyclo Liquishield penetrates as a lubricant and dries as a waxy film, protecting against rust and corrosion. Liquishield is 100% waterproofand is not harmful to paint, plastic, metal, wood, rubber, and electronic connections. Liquishield's wax properties do not allow it to sling off, making it perfect for moving parts like bicycle and motorcycle chains.

Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, Automotive, Household, and Lawn & Garden Use.


1. Shake well before use.

2. Clean and dry surface to be sprayed.

3. Hold can 8-10 inches from surface and apply a thin even coat.

4. Allow to air dry 5-10 minutes before use.


Cyclo Break Away C10 SDS

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