Car Wash Mat Clamps


Car Wash Mat Clamps

No more dirt spattering back on the mats as you wash them using this Floor Mat Holder. Keep your floor mats off the ground or floor and prevent the splatters.

Water soaked, soggy floor mats will dry much faster hanging up rather than laying them on a flat surface. Your back will thank you because you will not have to keep stooping and bending over as you scrub and rinse the mats using our Floor Mat Hangers.

These Car Wash Mat Clamps have an industrial grade tension spring clamp that holds your mat securely in place as you pressure wash or scrub them with a brush. Easily installed on any wall or flat surface.

Aluminum Wall Clamps will not rust or tarnish.

In demand tool for car washes and auto detailer's because it saves both time and money.

Buy 1 for each of your mats. You can wash all 4 mats at the same time and save money with our quantity discounts, too.

Save time, Save Money:

Clamp 'em, Wash 'em, Dry 'em by using our MC-5 Car Wash Mat Clamps.

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