RBL 434 - Collision Wrap Film - 24in x 50ft

RBL 434 - Collision Wrap Film - 24in x 50ft

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#434 - Collision Wrap Film - 24in x 50ft
Self-adhering WRAP covers cracked windshields, broken windows, sprung doors, caved-in roofs and any opening to protect vehicle interior from risk of damage from rain, wind, snow, dirt, etc., outdoors or indoors.
  • Durable 3 mil puncture resistant plastic film with UV inhibitor
  • Adheres to clean and dry surface - metal, glass & plastic
  • See-through clear plastic
  • Film cuts easily with razor blade, poly knife or No. 555 SNIPPET KNIFE
  • Immediate protection anywhere a vehicle is temporarily stored and vehicle interior is exposed to risk of damage from wind, rain, dirt, etc., outdoors or indoors!
  • For use on vehicle exterior surfaces only.

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