RBL UV891 - Bright White UV Putty With Rechargeable Handheld UV Light

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The bright white UV Putty that cures in 30 seconds or less. Our waterproof UV Marine Putty is best used for repairing fiberglass, plastics, urethane, and other materials



  • Works on boats, jet skis, kayaks & canoes, surf & sail boards.
  • Bright white in color  
  • Suitable for plastics, fiberglass, urethane & other flexible material
  • Excellent adhesion & can be sanded after its cured
  • 100% solids.  Zero shrink
  • Cures in 30 seconds when used with RBL #855 UV Worklight
  • Can prime or paint directly over cured waterproof putty
  • Compatible with all paint systems

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