RBL 442 - Spray Booth Wall Protective Film - White - 48" x 200'

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#442 - 1 Roll - Spray Booth Wall Protective Film - White - 48" x 200'
  • Durable puncture resistant plastic film with UV inhibitor
  • Self-adhering film leaves no adhesive transfer
  • Easy to apply. Easy to cut film with SNIPPET KNIFE or razor blade
  • Remove when desired and apply new film
  • Eliminates labor intensive removal of spray or roll-on peel-able coatings
  • Eliminates repeated coats of white booth coating
  • Cuts booth maintenance time in half!
  • No mess. No cleaning of spray gun
  • Film resists heat up to 200°F (93.3°C)
  • Preserves booth lighting without distortion or deflection
  • Quick installation time

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