Magna Shine Paint Correction Pad

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Hi Tech Industries

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Magna Shine 6" Paint Correction Pad

Hi Tech Industries MSPC-06 6 inch Paint Correction Mitt mounts to any DA polisher with a hook and loop 6" backing plate.

Safely and effectively removes environmental contaminants:

  • Rail Dust
  • Water Spots
  • Tar
  • Bugs
  • Paint Over Spray
  • Scuff Marks

The Magna Shine Paint Correction Mitt is made with the best materials and special synthetic clay like polymer lasting up to 50 uses with no reshaping required like with clay bars. The clay DA pad works best when used with Magna Shine Wax Enhancer as a lubricant.

Directions: Thoroughly wash vehicle. With the rubber polymer side down, polish the entire vehicle using Wax Enhancer as the lubricant. Apply light pressure at a low speed. During use frequently rinse away accumulated dirt from the rubber polymer surface.


Manufacturer: Hi Tech Industries

Brand: Magna Shine

Item Number: MSPC-06

UPC Code: 650753613066

Pack Size: 1 each

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