Tanner's Preserve Leather Conditioner - 7.5 Ounces

Tanner's Preserve Leather Conditioner

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Tanner's Preserve

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Tanner's Preserve Leather Conditioner - 7.5 Ounces

  • Restores new leather fragrance
  • Made without harsh chemicals
  • Will not harm leather finishes
  • Restores worn leather surfaces
  • Returns leather to a rich luster


Car interiors, furniture, clothing, bags, luggage and accessories

While leather may gain character as it ages, it is important to keep it protected and conditioned to ensure longevity. Tanner's Preserve Leather Conditioning Cream is designed to restore leather's rich and supple luster. If time and exposure have left your leather looking a little weary, apply this easy-to-use cream with emollients to make your leather like new again.

Manufacturer: NiTEO Products

Brand: Tanner's Preserve

Part Number: 65893

Size: 7.5 fluid ounces

UPC: 089269658931

Package Qty: 1

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