SM Arnold Velocity DX High Density Foam Pads 6"

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SM Arnold Velocity DX High Density Foam Pads


Compare to Rupes Foam Pads for their Big Foot System


    The SM Arnold line of Velocity DX Cutting, Buffing, and Polishing foam pads are specifically designed to provide exceptional results when used with Long Throw Polisher DA Machines, including the SM Arnold Velocity LT, Rupes Big Foot system, and Flex Long Throw Polishers.

    Long Throw Polishers Require Specific Pads Due to Their Massive Throw

    Long Throw Car Polishers require a special foam pad design because of their massive throw. The throw of the machine indicates the size of the Foam Pad’s orbit. The 15mm and 21mm Polishers generate considerable mechanical stress on the pad’s foam structure. Regular foam pads can cause the machine to feel imbalanced while the pad itself will experience excessive wear. These Foam Polishing Pads work in sync with all the popular brands of Long Throw Polishers.

    Velocity pads are made of reticulated (open cell) polyester foam for strength and airflow for velocity of the Long Throw DA machines.

    Less Time Spent Buffing AND Less Compound Used

    The SM Arnold Velocity LT offers exceptional results in less time while cutting down on the amount of polishing compound used. The advanced cell structure of the corresponding Velocity DX Foam Pad allows for proper ventilation providing constant lubrication between the pad and the surface. The polishing compound is continuously applied to the working surface as you buff, saving you both time and money!

    Optimized Performance as You Use the Velocity DX Foam Polishing Pad

    The innovative design of the cone-shape tapered edge provides optimal performance, balance, durability and better surface contact for the force of the Long Throw DA machines:

    • Prevents the backing plate from coming into contact with surface you are working on
    • Conforms to any panel shape you may be working on
    • Fits into tight areas with ease

    Less Heat Buildup with Minimal Downward Pressure

    The Foam Buffing Pad has a center hole designed for ventilation through the channels in the Velocity 5BP and the Velocity 6BP Backing Plates to prevent heat buildup. You will have to apply minimal downward pressure for a better polishing experience as well as phenomenal results.

    • Hook and Loop Backing
    • Quick Foam Pad changes
    • Expect Exceptional Results 

    When You Combine the Correct Polishing Foam Pad and Polisher Together!

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    Velocity DX Pads are made for the Velocity Long Throw Random Orbit Polisher, Rupe Big Foot Polishers, Flex Long Throw Polishers, and Other Similar Brands with 15mm and 21mm Throw.

    Blue Velocity DX Foam Cutting Pad
    • Use it for spot repair or heavy compounding
    • Speeds up the buffing and polishing procedure
    • Large-pore thick-wall design feels very rigid for heavy surface defects and swirls, becomes more pliable during use
    • Open Cell structure dissipates heat well and maintains the correct firmness even with heat from the polishing process

    Green Velocity DX Foam Buffing Pad

    • Maintains good cutting capacity while permitting quality finishes
    • Provides the level of cut expected from a foam cutting pad and finishes like a foam polishing pad
    • Feels softer to the touch than the Blue Cutting Pad
    • Smaller pore structure to cut through moderate surface defects with minimal swirls
    • Removes most paint imperfections and leaves a wax-ready finish
    • Requires only minimal follow-up

    Yellow Velocity DX Foam Polishing Pad

    • Very dense foam structure for general polishing
    • Use to remove light imperfections, apply a light polish, or a cleaner wax
    • Eliminates minor surface defects while restoring gloss without swirls
    • Increases the gloss level while providing superior correction speed

    White Velocity DX Foam Finishing Pad

    • Very dense foam structure with no cutting ability provides superior control while polishing
    • Pliable, extremely soft
    • Ideal for finishing polishes, waxes, sealants, and glazes
    • Excellent to use on difficult-to-finish surfaces
    • Designed for ultra-gloss paint finish using finishing polishes, waxes, sealants, and glazes

    Backing Plates VLT-601 and VLT-602

    Velocity 5BP Backing Plate for the Velocity LT Long Throw Random Orbital Polisher and other similar brands

    • Heat management extends machine and buffing pad life
    • Flexible urethane backing improves operation smoothness
    • Premium hook and loop backing system
    • Includes:
    • 5 inch backing plate for 6 inch foam pads
    • Silicone grease tube
    • Allen key wrench