Rally Cream Car Wax

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Rally Cream Car Wax

  • Longest Lasting Shine
  • Safe for all finishes
  • Easy on, easy off
  • Special blend of premium silicones and Montan Wax
  • Use in sun or shade

This is the famous formula that cleans deep and shines deeper. The secret lies in a special blend of premium silicones and imported Montan Wax which is acclaimed for its extraordinary rich gloss. Rally Car Wax bonds on a sparkling shield of long lasting, detergent resistant paste wax protection. Use in the sun or shade, wet or dry surface. Especially formulated for all fiberglass, lacquer, and enamel finishes and works exceptionally well on chrome.

    Rally Car Wax Commercial 1971


    1. Wash vehicle and apply a very light coat of Rally with a damp applicator (rinse frequently) to one section at a time
    2. When wax dries to a haze, buff with a clean soft cloth or microfiber towel, turning towel frequently.
    3. Use firm circular motion for deep cleaning and a durable, brilliant shine. NOTE: Keep from freezing or heating above 150 degrees.


    Manufacturer: Cyclo industries

    Brand: Rally

    Product: Rally Cream Wax

    Item Number: 82116

    Size: 10 ounces, 296 ml

    UPC Code: 089269821168

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