Ozium Gel Products (Available in 3 Fragrances)

by Ozium
SKU 806386

Ozium Gel Products 4.5 oz

Work hard to fight odors in small places

The Ozium Gel air freshener lets you place the concentrated gel wherever desired. It is ideal for use in your vehicle, home, garage, office, boat, and locker. Its compact size makes it easy to hide the containers under your vehicle seat, behind the toilet, or under a counter or locker using the peel off bottom tape cover. A great way to freshen up problem areas.

  • Consistent fragrance release
  • Gel will not melt in high temperatures
  • Fresh, long-lasting scent
  • Several fragrances to choose from

Original Scent

Item Number: 804281

UPC Code: 019912020341


Item Number: 806386

UPC Code: 019912039305

Outdoor Essence

Item Number: 804282

UPC Code: 019912020358

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