Ozium Gel Odor Eliminator, 4.5 Ounce (Available in 4 Fragrances)

by Ozium
SKU 804281

OZIUM Gel Odor Eliminator

  • THE ANYWHERE ODOR ELIMINATOR: OZIUM gel eliminates stubborn smoke odors and tackles other offensive everyday smells found in bathrooms, kitchens, trash cans and more.

  • IDEAL FOR BOTH SMALL AND LARGE SPACES: OZIUM odor eliminating gel eliminates unpleasant odors wherever you have them. Great for small spaces, use the 4. 5oz gel in cars, bathrooms, musty closets, gym bags and trash cans. For larger spaces, like kitchens, offices, garages and more, try the 8oz OZIUM gel.

  • DISCREET & EASY TO USE: The compact design and adjustable lid (4.5oz only) allows you to control the fragrance level, personalizing it to your liking.

  • VARIETY OF SCENTS/FRAGRANCES: The 4.5oz gel is available in an assortment of scents, including Original, Citrus, and Outdoor Essence.

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