Magna Shine Cerama Kote Ceramic Coating Kit
Magna Shine Cerama Kote 9h Ceramic Coating

Magna Shine Cerama Kote Kit MS-050-Kit

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Magna Shine Cerama Kote Kit 9h Ceramic Coating

  • Ultra Gloss
  • Extreme Durability
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Water Repellant

Surface Preparation for Ceramic Coating application:

A perfectly clean surface will improve adhesion and longevity of the ceramic coating. Thoroughly detail and polish the vehicle and rims. Clean the surface with a standard cleaner, free of waxes and silicones. Deep clean the surface with alcohol, 70% solution or greater. Use a clay bar to remove the remaining contamination. Remove swirl marks and micro scratches with polishing compound. Ensure the paint surface is dry and clean.