Magna Chips Premium Time Released Air Freshener 50pk - Available in 7 incredible Fragrances!


Magna Chips Car Air Freshener

Place a Magna Chip time released air freshener anywhere you wish to experience a long-lasting and refreshing aroma. Designed with your car in mind, Magna Chips are also great for use in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, garbage cans, and nearly any source of musty, smoky, or unpleasant odors.

Magna Chips exclusive time release feature means you will have a steady release of great fragrance over a period as long as two weeks. Magna Chips will outlast anything that hangs on your mirror or clips in a vent.


1. Place Magna Chip in any discreet place such as under seat between seat and console.

2. For added fragrance boost, fold in half and place in air conditioning vent louvers.

3. Replace as needed.

4. For even more extra strength, use more than one.

5. Avoid contact with dashboard.

6. Do not place in position where chip could impede driver's ability to safely use pedals.

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