Flitz Grande Express Synthetic Drying Towel

SKU PVA 13418

Flitz Grande Express Synthetic Drying Towel

Unique 3 dimensional textured design for better water pickup with a smooth side for detailing and streak free results.

Use like a towel "works like a squeegee"

Can be used on your car, boat, motorcycle, or other surfaces for streak free drying.

Use like a chamois, towel, or microfiber drying towel. Easy to wring out.

Can also be used as a sports cooling towel, simply rinse, wring out amd drape around your neck like a scarf. This drying cloth has tremendous cooling properties for during and after sports activities.

Use around your home for drying counter tops and showers without using chemicals.

When not in use store in the convenience plastic container. If the towel dries out simply wet, wring, and reuse. This product will last for years with proper care.

Dimensions: 36" x 17"

Iten Number: PVA 13418