Castle Z-3 Rubberized Undercoating

by Castle

Castle® Z-3™ is a heavy duty, non-paintable undercoat and sound deadener. This is a low cost way to re-coat fender walls and undercarriage. Tough film will not pinhole, sag, or drip in normal application. Z-3™ exceeds US Government specifications for undercoating (TT-C-502A). Z-3™ provides superior protection against salt corrosion. Avoid application of undercoating closer than 12 to 14 inches from entire exhaust system.


  • Rust Prevention
  • Tree Wound Dressing
  • Auto Undercoat
  • Wood Fence Post Preserver
  • Trailer Undercoat
  • Eaves, Troughs & Flashing Sealer


  1. Shake product well before and during use.
  2. Spray, holding can 8 to 10 inches from surface, using smooth and easy movement.
  3. Coating will dry in about 2 hours.
  4. Clean valve by inverting can and spraying until only pressure escapes.