AutoSpa Finishing Wax with Carnauba 16oz

AutoSpa Professional Finishing Wax 16 oz

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AutoSpa Professional Finishing Wax 16 oz

AutoSpa’s Finishing Wax is formulated with a blend of gentle cleaners, modern technology polymers, PTFE, and Carnauba Wax for a durable, brilliant shine. Finishing Wax is designed for the well maintained finish. It is especially effective for black, red, and other dark colors for streak-free results. Perfect for clear coats. Expect maximum durability.

If paint surface has moderate to severe scratches, defects, acid rain or other imperfections start with AutoSpa’s Speed Cut Compound or Ultra Smooth Polish.

DIRECTIONS: Surface should be cool, clean, and dry. Apply sparingly to whole car or portion using a damp sponge, buffing wheel, or orbital polisher. Wipe off dry residue with a soft, clean cloth.